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  • with Certified Mindfulness Coach Audra Carmine via Zoom

    1 hr

    125 US dollars
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Coaching Sessions

There exists in you, an essential, natural goodness that is calm, curious, clear, connected, awake, and creative. When we can tap into this natural potential, our whole lives begin to reorganize around this good, loving self.


Audra guide's her clients toward their own inner wisdom and resiliency by creating a loving, accepting space to ask questions, receive support, and to simply be as you are in the moment. It is not often in our culture that we have the opportunity to be witnessed with love. This is Audra's gift--sacred witnessing. She doesn't need anything from you, or for things to work out in a certain way, or for you to be anything other than yourself. It is from this wide-open-space, full of possibility, that spontaneous compassion and trust rises. Here, without aversion or clinging, what can feel like stuckness often gives way to creative shifts, whether they be in our relationships, in our work, in our businesses, or how we show up in our communities. 

Examples of real life questions clients have brought to these sessions:  

  • How do I meet the feeling of stagnancy in my practice? 

  • How can I create more ease at work?

  • How do I quit my job?

  • How do I stay present with my child when I'm frustrated?

  • How do I start trusting my partner?

  • What is it like to work with judgment and my inner critic?

  • How do I start a meditation practice?

  • Should I open this new business?

  • What's my next step in growing my business?

  • How do I talk to my partner about opening up the relationship?

  • Will you read this hard email with me so I'm not alone?

  • How do I create and maintain a boundary?  

Audra has worked with therapists, business owners, doctors, boat builders, acupuncturists, writers, musicians, mothers, and fathers and creators of all sorts. No experience is necessary, you get to begin from where you are. Audra is known for making the teachings and practices of mindfulness, yoga, IFS, and many other modalities accessible and practical, helping clients get down to the core of what really matters so that they can live in integrity and alignment with their own values.

We are all deserving of support, and Audra is a master of the pep talk. She has studied for over a decade with teachers such as Christina Sell, Todd Jackson, Manorama, Jasmine Tarkeshi, and Sally Kempton. Audra earned her graduate degree in clinical psychology from Antioch University in Santa Barbara, and is a graduate of a two year meditation teacher training program in the Insight tradition with Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Sebene Selassie, Ruth King and many other brilliant teachers. Audra completed an eight month long DEIA training for meditation coaches in 2021. In addition, she completed a coaching training with the IFS institute, Coaching for Self Leadership which exams our many parts, self and system, unblending and befriending protectors, among other topics. She completed Marie Forleo's B-School as well as Gabrielle Bernstein's Spirit Junkies Coaching program. Audra has owned companies since she was 25. She created Love Hive Yoga and ran their three yoga studios, and she was the owner and operator of Junior's Cafe in SE Portland, for nearly 8 years. She runs an online yoga community called Charm, and is an avid student (always learning) and devoted teacher. Each session begins with a meditation, and then a deep dive into the work. 

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