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Directions on how to cancel your subscription are here.


As a one human company, I cannot engage in emergencies outside of those arising in my own life, so if you need me to help you, please give me between 10-14 business days.


I do not offer refunds at this time.


By choosing to use this platform you are supporting a very real human, not a corporation. I am a single mama, grad student, people helper, daughter, mother, partner, get the kid to therapy, friend, activist, wtf do we make for dinner tonight?, pay for the soccer team stuff, get the braces taken care of, clean the house, parent Veda by phone on the daily, pay the mortgage by herself, get it done kind of person. AND, though I can do a lot, I am not a corporation, and to treat me like one is dehumanizing, so I am asking that you agree not to do so.


If you need to contact me please email

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